Time Managment

Time can be a valuable asset if you use it to your advantage. Everybody, no matter who they are, has twenty-four hours a day to do whatever they choose to do. The choice of what to do with that time is entirely up to you. 

Time management is a crucial skill for somebody that wants to see substantial progress in their life. To master time we must first look at two areas that will have the most impact on how you spend your day. 


The standard you set for yourself day to day is the determining factor in how productive your weeks, months, and years will be. Also know as benchmarking, setting a standard is a powerful tool that if used correctly can make even the hardest aspects of life easy. Training yourself to not get so caught up in what everyone else is doing but rather focus on what is going to make you better each day, will be rewarding in the long run.

Another thing to think about it what skills you posses. How could they be of value? Build on those skills and begin to lay the foundation for future success that will add more value to your way of life. 

Driving Forces

Knowing what drives you to wake up every morning is essential in time management. Driving forces can be anything from a particular person in your life to an emotion. An example of a specific emotion that acts as a common driving force is fear of failing. The emotion of fear can either ruin a person or make them that much better. When a person lets the fear of failure consume them often times they fail at whatever they are trying to accomplish. But the person that uses failure as a driving force allows that fear to make them that much better. 

It goes back to the idea of how emotions drive us to either fail or succeed. If you want to learn more about your emotions go check out Ways to Deal with Emotions

The Secret to Success 

In Ways to Deal with Emotions I laid out the steps that a person can take to find the true meaning behind their emotions. However, putting these steps into action is just the first part in being a success. Now that you have your emotions in check I can begin explaining the “Secret to Success”

When traveling to a certain destination it always helps to have directions on how to get there. What happens when you don’t know the directions? You end up getting lost. The same goes for life but on a much larger scale. With that being said the first part to the “Secret to Success” is knowing the road ahead. Seeing what is in front of you will give you the ultimate advantage of anticipation.  A wise man once said, “You can’t anticipate and lead unless you first lead yourself.” When someone anticipates the obstacles that arise in their life they can begin to put a plan into place allowing them to live the life they have always dreamed. 

We can’t read minds or predict the future so how can we anticipate? The answer is engagement.  Being fully engaged will work wonders in your life. When talking of engagement I’m referring to how you go through your daily activities. How do you interact with others? Are you fully engaged, partially engaged, or not engaged at all? When someone is fully engaged there is no limit to what they can do. But when someone is partially engaged or not engaged at all, the result is slim to none. 

A study shows that 13% of all employees worldwide are engaged at work. That means only one-eighth of the global workforce is engaged in their daily activity. That leaves the 87% of the global workforce disengaged. Remember when someone is fully engaged the results are limitless. But a person that is partially engaged or disengaged gets little to no results at all. Something needs to change. 

The problem is we live in a society where there is enough knowledge but what people are really searching for is wisdom. One way to put that knowledge into action is to get a competitive edge. Learning the Science of Achievement (going from where you are to your goal) is a must when trying to achieve any goal you have set. What is your goal? How will you get there? Engagement is the key to getting all your needs met. When you can meet the needs of someone else, your needs can be met just as easy. 

Success without fulfillment is failure. Being fulfilled isn’t something anyone else can help you with the only person capable of giving you fulfillment is yourself. Look for those people, events, or whatever else truly sticks out to you. Those will be the stepping stones to living a successful life. 

Ways to Deal with Emotions

Emotions are a powerful tool that we can use if we fully understand what they are trying to tell us. A lot of people try dealing with their emotions by pushing them to the side or taking them head on. Those strategies may work in the short run but long term they will only get worse. 

That being said I am here to give you a strategy on how to positively deal with your emotions and how to use them to your advantage. 

Step 1: Question the Emotion 

Ask yourself what type of message this emotion is really trying to get across to you. When you figure out what it really means begin moving forward and transforming what it means to you. 

Step 2: Brainstorm Possible Outcomes

It is easier to act on emotions when you brainstorm how you can use them. When thinking of how you will act also start thinking about what will come out of it. Come up with a solid idea of where you are going and how you will get there. This makes it easier for your mind to actually allow you to achieve getting to that state of happiness. 

Step 3: Action

After you’ve figure out what the emotions true meaning and have came up with a solid plan of action, put it into action. When acting on emotional messages work on developing the skills of focus, patience, and communication. These skills will help you build relationships, create conversations, and change your life. 

Step 4: Reflection

After acting on an emotional message take the time to reflect on what you did and how you did it. Ask yourself what you did right and what you did wrong. Emotional progress is mastered  through trial and error. Learn from the mistakes and reward yourself for the positive. 

I highly recommend taking these steps the next time you feel an emotion spiraling out of control. Remember, every emotion we feel is trying to tell us a deeper meaning that gives us the opportunity to possibly take our life to the next level. Don’t miss your opportunity. 

Emotional Breakthrough 

The state we are in during any particular moment powerfully impacts the meaning we assign to something. 

Have you ever lost your cool on someone but didn’t mean to? The state you were in was the reason for your action to become upset with that person even though they may have done nothing at all. Developing successful relationships results when a person learns to live life where they and the people around them feel no pain because of emotions. Choosing to feel good tends to form a state of happiness. Just like a muscle your mind needs constant exercise in order to grow. Pushing yourself beyond the limit and that is when you will start to see the growth. 

                             Emotion Wheel 

Now if it was that simple everyone would be happy. So let’s begin to understand just how to develop this state of happiness. 
Changing state means changing the meaning you link to something. One way that you can change your state is by changing your physiology (movement of your body). Someone who goes for a run everyday will feel more “alive” than the person who sleeps until twelve o’clock every morning. Why? This is because every single emotion you have can be linked back to your physical motion. Emotions send different biochemical impulses to your body which then effect your overall state. More motion results in more emotion. 

Think of your state on a level from zero to ten. Ten being unstoppable and zero being terrible. What level are you in at this moment? Learning to live at level ten will overtime lead to the formation of a habit. Having the habit to live at level ten will transform your entire life. The constant state of positivity will not only feed your hunger to get more but also positivity grow the relationships with those around you. The more we measure our level the better we will get at maintaining it.

What we tell ourselves also plays a role in developing a state of happiness. If we hangs what we focus on we can change how we feel. Try not to focus on the the pain of the past because the outcome will never change. Sometimes we think about bad things that haven’t even occured yet which cause our state to change. Why would someone focus on something that hasn’t happened yet? Having faith and courage will allow you to feel the pain of emotions once and then move forward. Try thinking about something that made you happy in the past or something that you are looking forward to. Your brain cannot tell the difference between a real life event and a dream. This means the things we vividly imagine have the same impact on us as the real life experiences we have had. 

Certain questions you ask yourself link what type of feeling you will have from an emotion. See, most people act on their emotions the moment they feel it which most of the time results in a negative outcome. Next time this happens ask yourself “What else could this mean”? When asking this you are looking for the deeper meaning that truly drives this emotion. What is this emotion really trying to tell me? It could mean a chance to grow a certain skill or maybe rebuild a broken relationship. Whatever it is be sure to stop and take a minute to ask yourself these questions. 

There is no such thing as a negative emotion. All feelings you have are trying to give you the deeper message so that you can evolve your life to the next step. You have the choice to do one of two things when you figure out what an emotion is really trying to tell you. 

  • Change your perception 
  • Take action 

What makes a negative emotion is when you don’t fully understand the message it is trying to get across to you. The key is to figure out the meaning quick because over time it will begin to get bigger. Don’t make your emotions wrong, appreciate them for what they are and use them to make your life better. 

Check out my post “Ways to Deal with Emotions” for more insight on the specific steps to take when creating an emotional breakthrough. 

Process to Achievement 

Goals can be achieved through hard work and a solid plan of action. I call this the “Process to Achievement” and if taken into consideration it can help you check off the goals you’ve always dreamed of achieving. It is broken into four categories that deal with the aspect human emotion and some core values that we all posses. 


There are several factors that can influence our lives. Surroundings, individuals, and ideology are just a few of the influences that can start shaping the mindset of a person. 

Influence can pull you towards a goal but in an instant destroy it. The key to finding the right influence is to listen to your heart and be open to advice from other people who have accomplished some of the same goals. Be careful because not everyone means well so when searching for what influences you be sure to use good judgement. 


Have you ever sat down and really thought about what you believed in? Beliefs are what make up the ideas of this world. They have been know to start wars while others have changed the way people look at the things as a whole. 

Core beliefs are what will play the biggest role in how many of your goals will end up being achieved. At one point along the line challeges will come up and your beliefs are what will hold everything together. 

Finding what you believe in is just a small part when working towards a goal. In order to keep the process moving forward, grow on those core beliefs and by doing this you will be propeled towards that ultimate goal. 

Stay sharp when making decisions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Failure is a part of life but it does not define our nature as humans. I’ve made more mistakes than I could ever count but what keeps me going is the hunger for progress and desire to learn how to correct those mistakes. Failure doesn’t determine our future, controlling our emotions does.

By focusing on the small success you have each day it will eventually add up. Progression of the mind (focus) will move a person to reach a peak performance ready to tackle any obstacle standing in the way. 


Good things come in time and it applies to goals as well. It may take weeks, months, or even years to achieve a goal so be prepared to sharpen your patience. 

Patience is essentially the key to controlling emotion. By developing this skill you can open doors along the journey that you never thought possible. 

Have faith in what is coming but also understanding there may be an outside force that are working in your favor. Listen to your heart and learn to control the emotions that drive you forward. Figure out how to master your mind and the world will open up to you. 

The Jar of Life

The CEO of a successful company walks into a room filled with newly hired employees ready to start their first day on the job. In his hands are a jar, a few rocks, pebbles, and a bag of sand. He sets the items down on the table and begins to place the rocks into the jar. When all of the rocks had been placed inside he asks the crowd if the jar was full. They responded, “yes.” He then took the pebbles and began pouring them into the jar filling the open spaces between the rocks. He then asked the same question of whether or not the jar was full. Once again the crowd answered, “yes!” The CEO began to chuckle which confused the newly hired employees. They began to wonder what type of message he was trying to get across. Finally, he poured the bag of sand into the jar which filled the remaining areas between the pebbles and rocks. He once more asked if the jar was full and the crowd roared, “YES!”

The CEO replied:

“The open space is the amount of time you have while the rocks, the pebbles, and the sand represent the things you choose to spend that time on. The rocks are the bigger things like family, your partner, and friends. The pebbles are the less important things like your job, car, and money. The sand is the small things that we do not need but most of the time we want the most. If you choose to first fill the jar with sand, not all the rocks and pebbles will fit. But if you fill the jar with the rocks, then the pebbles, followed by the sand, everything will fit. This jar and everything in it represents your life.”

Ocean Sand Rocks Pebbles Background Holiday Beach

Time is limitless but what is limited is the time we have to live. Scary to think about but we never truly know when our last moment will be. The question of how you live your life is a question only you have the answer to. Someone can tell you to do this and do that but at the end of the day, the only person that made the decision to do so is you.

Rather than listening to someone else about how you should live your life, search deep down inside your own soul for the real meaning of why you were created. This will not only influence your life but also influence the lives of those around you as well. When you start to understand the idea of helping others you can truly realize what it means to “feel alive.” When you “feel alive” you become happy and when you become happy you become fulfilled. When you become fulfilled, you will do everything in your power to stay fulfilled.


There is a bigger picture to life. Those who stand for something greater than just themselves are usually the ones who live meaningful lives. These people wake up every morning thinking of ways they can improve themselves, but also improve those around them. When you take the time to influence others that will be the moment you truly change the world.

Five Stages of Change

If you wish to gain personal wellness you must first go through the five stages of change. It’s not easy but if able to understand and act you can transform your life.

The biggest factor in determining if you can truly change is your mental strength. Being able to tell yourself what is right and what is wrong is important when trying to achieve personal wellness. When you really focus your energy and time on the right things you will be amazed at the outcome you get.


Let’s look at the five stages of change.


Pre-contemplation is the stage in which we do not see a problem with the current way of living. Even though others around may see a problem, we are blinded by the wrong ideas of how to go about your daily activities. Most people find themselves getting stuck in this stage and never being able to break out of their comfort zone.


The stage of contemplation begins with a simple question. What am I doing wrong?

This is the stage where we start to question whether or not our choices on how to live are indeed the right ones. Rather than being blinded we are able to start seeing the problem that consumes us and realize the certain things that are bad for our current way of living.


When we finally realize our problems we can start to come up with a plan to overcome them. Take time to sit down and think of different ways you can improve. Write down a plan on how you can get to your goal and the steps you will have to take to get there. It’s easier to get somewhere if you know where you’re going and how to get there.


Time and preparation are the key factors in planning how you will go about the transformation of your own self. You can make this process simple by thinking of your future goals and the things you hope to have someday. When focusing on this, in particular, you WILL find a way.


This is the stage where you put that plan into action.

You can talk all you want but if you can’t put those words into action and produce results, it doesn’t mean anything. Putting in the time and effort may be hard, but I PROMISE it will pay off in the end.

During this stage, you must stay patient. Results will not come right away but if you can stick to the plan you set out for yourself over time you will start to see the difference you have been looking for.


After you take the steps in acting on what you set out to change then you must maintain your choice on how to live. This stage is the trickiest one to overcome and so many people fall back right where they started. If you wish to maintain your newly adopted lifestyle you must use that mental strength to overpower the bad trying to direct you back to your old way of living. Anyone can go to the gym and workout, but not everyone can continuously do it every day. The same goes for personal wellness, you can say you changed but did you really change? Only you can answer that question.


When you can fully understand these five stages of change then you can actually change. It WILL be hard and you WILL fail several times before succeeding. Just remember, the more you fail and struggle, the better you are as a person. Someone who has never had to work for anything has no meaning to their life. Those who fail, learn, and constantly improve will be the ones to truly achieve personal wellness.

Deep down inside all of us lies an amazing person. Whether you choose to search for that person is entirely up to YOU.