Making The Change

Mindset is everything in this world.

Without a strong mind, the odds of success drop substantially and the chance of impacting the world becomes harder and harder. If you have been wondering how it is someone can develop the mindset of success, the answer you seek lies within your own self.

Making the Change  

Over and over again we remind ourselves of the things we wish to change in our life. Whether it’s to workout more, study better, or make more money we struggle on a daily basis to fulfill these promises to ourselves.

Making the change first starts with the realization of where you are at a particular moment in life and figuring out how to improve it. When you can come to grasp with where you are, figuring out your direction becomes easier and easier. The issue with why people never get past this step is due to the longevity of maintaining the change. Anyone can say they want to lose weight, but not everyone has the internal drive to consistently go to the gym and workout to lose that weight. Nothing in life is given, only through hard work and dedication does true change happen.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” -Winston Churchill 


In other words, you must first fail in order to succeed. Without the feeling of defeat, we can never begin to understand the true value of mental growth. Knowledge itself is the most valuable aspect of life, more valuable than money or fame. Gaining knowledge, however, is something most people may never quite understand. With that being said, human experience is a perfect example of a factor that contributes to the overall idea of gaining knowledge. What we go through impacts how we behave and think which results in our lives being directed down a specific path. Although this may seem easy, without one HUGE component, you will never be able to change your life or mindset.

“Knowledge has a beginning but no end” -Geeta Iyengar 

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Without patience, none of this is possible. When patience is developed, knowledge can be gained; and when knowledge is gained, change can be made.

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.” -Saadi

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I truly believe that everyone has a gift to share with this world. Whatever that gift is, you have the ability to recognize it, develop it, and act on it. People often go through life with regret, anger, and confusion. Some may never even fully understand who they are as a person. If you are someone that is living your life just going through the motions, I can PROMISE you that with a little internal drive and patience, you will be surprised what can be accomplished. Everyone deserves to feel happy, fulfilled, and loved but it first starts with understanding who you truly are. Don’t wait any longer, start taking steps in the right direction and find out how truly amazing life can be.




The Trailblazer Method

Have you ever heard someone be described as a trailblazer? The term trailblazer refers to someone who paved the way, or blazed, a trail for others to follow in. In doing so, these people have a profound impact on society but more importantly on humanity as a whole. The beliefs, teachings, and words used by people of such influence can be seen present in the world long after they are gone.

One of the most influential trailblazers, Martin Luther King Jr., paved the way for the African American community during the civil rights movement. Not only did he take a stand for what he believed right, but he also united an entire race to achieve justice for all. In his famous speech “I have a dream” he shared with the world his dream of equality for not just a group of people but for all people. Still to this day many continue to reflect back on MLK’s stand against inequality which shows how much influence he had and still has on the world today.

Let me give you an example that may give a clear picture of a trailblazer does.

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of the woods. Peering into the forest, you see there are many branches and other obstacles that stand in the way of exploring deeper. At first, when you enter the woods, it is hard to navigate through the tall trees and after a while you decide to turn back. The next time you enter the same spot and begin knocking down branches and other obstacles that make it hard to maneuver through the wooded area. A couple more times go by and a visible opening appears making it easy to enter and exit. Over time, a path begins to form allowing easy access to entry and opportunity to go farther into the forest. After awhile you start inviting friends to join you on hikes through the woods and they learn of this “path” of exploration.

What does this have to do with paving the way for humanity? Well even though it is just a simple example, it explains the concept of what a trailblazer truly does.

With that being said, the “Trailblazer Method” is based off of one simple idea…

Anticipating the road ahead.

I believe that when you know what to expect, in any situation, you can start figuring out how to be successful. Whether it’s trying to improve a relationship or maybe just trying to be a better person, knowing the road ahead can be very beneficial. However, in order to anticipate what is to come you must first learn from past and present experiences.

Some ways people can use this method is to help improve their lives and others lives at the same time. When one can figure out what influences them, they can begin to figure out what influences the people around them. This is one characteristic that all trailblazers have in common.

Everyday people are looking for new leaders to stand up and take a stand for what is right in this world. Don’t wait for someone else to have the way, you pave the way. Begin to think of some situations in your own life that can be made easier using the “trailblazer method.” How could anticipating the road ahead make it easier for you to succeed?

Be Like Water

"Be formless, shapeless like water. When you pour water into a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow and it can crash. Become like water my friend."

Although, Bruce Lee was describing water, the deeper meaning behind this quote is the comparison to humans. Strangely enough, when one can go outside their comfort zone to achieve something, it will be achieved. When a person puts their whole mind into achieving a dream, they will achieve that dream. The moment you begin to believe you can, you will.

If you have any thoughts about the video I encourage you to comment below. Hope you enjoy!

Keep Moving Forward

According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” Strangely enough, all the struggles, challenges, and problems that we face are here to help us rather than break us down. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at some of the most successful people on the planet and what they were forced to overcome.

Take Thomas Edison for example. While attempting to create the light bulb, he was faced with failure a thousand times. After the hundredth time, most people would have given up but not Edison. Day and night he worked until finally the worlds first electric light bulb was created.




His response to previous failures, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 1,000 ways that it won’t work.” Now, this is one man that against all odds focused on finding a way to overcome and in doing gave light to the world.


Both our failed and successful attempts are what shapes us in the future. Furthermore, the meaning we have for every failure or success directly affects the outcome we have. When the Wright brothers attempted to fly a plane everyone called them insane. Instead of giving up they persisted to make their dream a reality. After every failed design, rather than focus on what they did wrong, they asked themselves what they could do better. Slowly but surely they developed the Wright Flyer I which was a major success.

131216172004-09-wright-brothers-horizontal-large-gallery.jpgToday, eight million people, every day, fly all around the world thanks to the perseverance of these two brothers.


No matter where you were then or where you are now, just remember that you have the choice to change where you will go. Just like eighteenth-century poet William Ernest Henley once said,”I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” Don’t allow circumstances or other people to define the life you live; YOU create your own.


The Power of Internal Focus (Mental Mastery)

Socrates once said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Although it may sound simple there is a deeper meaning that lies beneath these words of wisdom.


In each moment we are making a decision on what to focus on which will determine what we believe and how we act. Let’s use baseball for example. A pop fly is hit to center field and like several times before the outfielder gets into position to make an easy play. Just before the ball begins to drop the sun blinds the player which affects his ability to make the catch. By the time he recovers the ball is lying on the ground and two base runner have score putting the other team ahead by one. The inning ends and the players return to the dug out ready to reclaim the lead. Meanwhile, the center fielder continues to focus on how he screwed up such an easy out. Too much in life people focus solely on all that is wrong and focus so little on what they can do to correct the actual mistake. In this situation, the baseball player is choosing to focus on the fact that because he dropped the ball and because of that they lost the lead. Yes, all of this is true, but what he should be focusing on is the next opportunity to get his team back in the lead. By doing this he understands what he did wrong while also focusing on ways he can help his team get back into the game. Ironically, he is the next batter up to hit. Besides the fact of what just happened, he steps up to the plate confidently ready to make a big play. With a runner on first base, the pitcher throws the ball. CRACK! He crushes the ball into left field

soaring over the outfield wall.

The home run puts them in lead and they win the game. This is the result of him making the decision to focus on the present rather than in the past.

It doesn’t just apply to baseball, this concept pertains to every aspect of life. Whether it’s choosing to focus on a certain mood, emotion, or relationship all of it contributes to our actions. Furthermore, how we act throughout our life determines the quality of lifestyle that is adopted. Continuing to focus only on the bad will cause frustration which flows into anger leading to depression.

On the other hand, focusing on the deeper meaning in any particular situation and then using that to move forward will create more opportunities to succeed.

In a sense, we are what we believe we are. There nothing in the world that is more powerful than the internal focus of one’s mind which if mastered can open doors you’ve never imagined. The idea of choosing what to focus on may seem quite easy but the complexity comes from within. As a matter of fact, the level of difficulty it takes to learn internal focus is entirely up to what we want it to be.

Above all, do not get confused with the idea that there is a specific way that all people should focus or think. In my opinion, I believe that everyone has their own way of thinking and dealing with circumstances in their life. For some, it may be helping the poor. For others, it could be violence.

Now, I DO NOT believe violence is the way to solve a problem but it doesn’t matter what I believe, people will act out of violence no matter what.

Ultimately, I don’t have to accept the lifestyle of others but what I must do is respect the reality they have decided to live in. Meaning the way we choose to live each day of our lives doesn’t have to be determined by those of another. At the same time, being able to respect someone else’s lifestyle allows one to perceive how they want to live their own life and how they do not. This is known as bridging realities. Bridging the reality between two individuals lets us take the time to reinvent beliefs while also adopting new standards for the way of life we wish to live.

Above all, it’s the ability to bounce back after a failure that shows a person’s true character. Roy T. Bennett said it best, “the one who falls and gets back up is much stronger than the one who never tried at all. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” That being said, if you haven’t taken anything away from this just remember one thing. The single most important decision we are constantly making is what to focus on. Choosing to master the mind can allow us to begin living the life we’ve always dreamed. The faster you can learn internal focus the faster you can change your life.

The Jar of Life

The CEO of a successful company walks into a room filled with newly hired employees ready to start their first day on the job. In his hands are a jar, a few rocks, pebbles, and a bag of sand. He sets the items down on the table and begins to place the rocks into the jar. When all of the rocks had been placed inside he asks the crowd if the jar was full. They responded, “yes.” He then took the pebbles and began pouring them into the jar filling the open spaces between the rocks. He then asked the same question of whether or not the jar was full. Once again the crowd answered, “yes!” The CEO began to chuckle which confused the newly hired employees. They began to wonder what type of message he was trying to get across. Finally, he poured the bag of sand into the jar which filled the remaining areas between the pebbles and rocks. He once more asked if the jar was full and the crowd roared, “YES!”

The CEO replied:

“The open space is the amount of time you have while the rocks, the pebbles, and the sand represent the things you choose to spend that time on. The rocks are the bigger things like family, your partner, and friends. The pebbles are the less important things like your job, car, and money. The sand is the small things that we do not need but most of the time we want the most. If you choose to first fill the jar with sand, not all the rocks and pebbles will fit. But if you fill the jar with the rocks, then the pebbles, followed by the sand, everything will fit. This jar and everything in it represents your life.”

Ocean Sand Rocks Pebbles Background Holiday Beach

Time is limitless but what is limited is the time we have to live. Scary to think about but we never truly know when our last moment will be. The question of how you live your life is a question only you have the answer to. Someone can tell you to do this and do that but at the end of the day, the only person that made the decision to do so is you.

Rather than listening to someone else about how you should live your life, search deep down inside your own soul for the real meaning of why you were created. This will not only influence your life but also influence the lives of those around you as well. When you start to understand the idea of helping others you can truly realize what it means to “feel alive.” When you “feel alive” you become happy and when you become happy you become fulfilled. When you become fulfilled, you will do everything in your power to stay fulfilled.


There is a bigger picture to life. Those who stand for something greater than just themselves are usually the ones who live meaningful lives. These people wake up every morning thinking of ways they can improve themselves, but also improve those around them. When you take the time to influence others that will be the moment you truly change the world.

Key to Happiness

Contributing Writer: Ian Malesiewski

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Everyone gets ONE chance at life. So the question I have is why do so many people let negativity, hate, and fear define who they are.

Whether you know it or not the decisions you make today will have an effect on your future. Every single choice that we make determines who we will be and the life that we will ultimately live.

One critical choice we all make is choosing to live up to what we set out to do in life. static1.squarespace

Everyone wants to be rich but not everyone wants to put in the work to get rich. We can all talk a big game but few of us can actually have the courage to go through with we say we are going to do. People often look for the things that they want right now which results in losing focus on what they want in the long run. Rather than putting effort into what is going to get them to their goals, people worry about what’s going to make them happy in the moment.

When you decide to really focus on something you want most of the time you will achieve it. However, the key to getting what you want can only start with YOU. “I can” and “I can’t” are the two biggest factors that come into play during your decision process. When you start believing “I can” over time it turns into “I will”. Those who choose to believe in themselves will be the ones to turn the impossible into the possible.

Life doesn’t give handouts. If you’re going to do something, DO IT! Have the determination to stand up for what you want, that’s the only way you’re going to get it.


The people you choose to associate yourself with also plays a major role in the life you will live.

If you want to be truly happy why would you waste your time with those who are unhappy? It’s common sense, focus on the people who truly are worth your time and reject those who tell you otherwise. You’re so-called “friends” start to drop off when it becomes an inconvenience for them to stick around but true friends will always be there, even in hard times.


The way you treat other people will determine who you will have throughout the rest of your life. Happiness is measured in all kinds of ways, but what will make you feel truly fulfilled is when you have others around to share that happiness with. If you’re negative towards others don’t be surprised when that negativity comes right back at you.

At the end of the day just be kind and respect the people in your life that are willing to be kind to you. Once you find the group of people who share the same interests as you and are willing to respect the person you are, stick with them.

Remember the effort you put in, will determine what you get back in return.

As crazy as it sounds, personal happiness is created through decisions. When you understand that the key to happiness lies in the choices we make, then you will truly be happy.