Five Stages of Change

If you wish to gain personal wellness you must first go through the five stages of change. It’s not easy but if able to understand and act you can transform your life.

The biggest factor in determining if you can truly change is your mental strength. Being able to tell yourself what is right and what is wrong is important when trying to achieve personal wellness. When you really focus your energy and time on the right things you will be amazed at the outcome you get.


Let’s look at the five stages of change.


Pre-contemplation is the stage in which we do not see a problem with the current way of living. Even though others around may see a problem, we are blinded by the wrong ideas of how to go about your daily activities. Most people find themselves getting stuck in this stage and never being able to break out of their comfort zone.


The stage of contemplation begins with a simple question. What am I doing wrong?

This is the stage where we start to question whether or not our choices on how to live are indeed the right ones. Rather than being blinded we are able to start seeing the problem that consumes us and realize the certain things that are bad for our current way of living.


When we finally realize our problems we can start to come up with a plan to overcome them. Take time to sit down and think of different ways you can improve. Write down a plan on how you can get to your goal and the steps you will have to take to get there. It’s easier to get somewhere if you know where you’re going and how to get there.


Time and preparation are the key factors in planning how you will go about the transformation of your own self. You can make this process simple by thinking of your future goals and the things you hope to have someday. When focusing on this, in particular, you WILL find a way.


This is the stage where you put that plan into action.

You can talk all you want but if you can’t put those words into action and produce results, it doesn’t mean anything. Putting in the time and effort may be hard, but I PROMISE it will pay off in the end.

During this stage, you must stay patient. Results will not come right away but if you can stick to the plan you set out for yourself over time you will start to see the difference you have been looking for.


After you take the steps in acting on what you set out to change then you must maintain your choice on how to live. This stage is the trickiest one to overcome and so many people fall back right where they started. If you wish to maintain your newly adopted lifestyle you must use that mental strength to overpower the bad trying to direct you back to your old way of living. Anyone can go to the gym and workout, but not everyone can continuously do it every day. The same goes for personal wellness, you can say you changed but did you really change? Only you can answer that question.


When you can fully understand these five stages of change then you can actually change. It WILL be hard and you WILL fail several times before succeeding. Just remember, the more you fail and struggle, the better you are as a person. Someone who has never had to work for anything has no meaning to their life. Those who fail, learn, and constantly improve will be the ones to truly achieve personal wellness.

Deep down inside all of us lies an amazing person. Whether you choose to search for that person is entirely up to YOU.







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