Who Will You Be?

When thinking about the most significant leaders of all time names like Nelson Mandela, Julius Caesar, and Martin Luther King Jr. come to mind.

I firmly believe that in life there are two types of people, those who follow and those who lead. Only you can make the choice of whether to be a leader or a follower.

However, there are a couple specific characteristics that you must master before you become a true leader.

Be Caring

If you don’t take the time out of your day to care for others, why should they care for you? It goes back to the old saying treat others how you want to be treated. How you act towards others will determine what you get back in return. If you are known for treating others with disrespect, prepare for others to treat you with disrespect. The relationships you build will be determined on how much you care for those individuals around you.


Be Courageous

We all have challenges in our life. But what makes a leader is when they use the courage to overcome the challenges that try to break them down. The fears we have in life are painful, we can all agree. However, those with courage are prepared to suffer in order to fulfill their purpose. If you don’t have the courage to just be you, how do you expect others to follow?

Use Your Creativity

Everyone enjoys having fun and what better way to have fun than to be creative. Who says you can’t be the one to inspire others creativity through your own? What lasts FOREVER is when you have the capability to impact others hearts through your own sense of creativity.


Everyone has the ability to change the world, it’s if YOU choose to do so or not that will measure your true creativity. Dr. Seuss said it best.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if you only try.”

Your mind has no limits. When you’re willing to explore it that will be the moment you become limitless.

Have Confidence

The biggest mistake a person can make is not understanding the difference between confidence and ARROGANCE.

A confident person is willing to admit their mistakes and show areas of weakness, improving themselves in the long run. To be confident you must be open to new ideas and advice so that you can, in turn, grow as a human being.

We all know someone who thinks they’re right about everything. This is a perfect example of a person with an arrogant attitude. Arrogant people point fingers at others because of the insecurities deep down they have for themselves.

Unless they believe it to be true, it’s wrong in their mind. I feel sorry for individuals like this because of one reason, they will NEVER truly feel fulfilled.


There are FOUR actions a person must decide to take in order to be truly confident.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others, center your attention on you and you only.
  2. Don’t get overwhelmed with what life throws at you. Stay cool, calm, and collected by focusing on the overall goal you have for yourself.
  3. Learn to love the person you are. Whether you know it or not there are people in this world that care about the person you become.
  4. Be POSITIVE! The situations you see positive WILL have a positive result. However, the situations you see negative WILL have a negative result.

Coach Others

Leaders see their skills as that of extreme value.

One particular skill that they possess is coaching others to believe in the person they truly are capable of being. If you can’t sacrifice yourself to make those around you better you will NEVER be a true leader.


Finally, don’t be afraid to stand out, you’ll be surprised how many people follow. Everyone has the skills to become a great leader, but only YOU can make the lasting change you want to see happen. Life is full of uncertainty and fear, I hope that in the future people will start taking action to make the world we live in a better place. Not only for themselves but for all of us.

There’s those who choose to lead and then there’s those who choose to follow.

Who will you choose to be?


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