Perception, Passion, and Purpose

What’s your biggest fear?

Most people would tell you that their biggest fear is failing. But my biggest fear isn’t failing, it’s regret.

We all want to be successful but most of us aren’t willing to put the effort into achieving it. Success doesn’t come to the ones who sit back and wait for it. It comes to those willing to strive day in and day out to achieve the goals they set out to accomplish. The work that these few individuals put in isn’t seen by society but is done behind closed doors.

However, before you can gain success you must understand three specific ideas about yourself.

The first idea that you must master is how you perceive the things that fill your life. Your perception on life will, in turn, create the life that you ultimately will live. The distraction of being someone else blinds you from the realization of who you truly are. One of the most important things to understand is that the people we surround ourselves with are who we WILL become. When you choose positive people and ideas to surround yourself with then your mind can focus solely on YOU.


Gaining control of perception will then lead you to discover your passion.

When trying to finding passion best advice I could give is when you do find that one thing that peaks your interest don’t give up on it, run with it. Don’t let anyone influence what you do with your life it’s not theirs, it’s YOURS. When you find what truly drives you every day, master that skill and don’t stop for anything in the way. Find out where you are going by mapping out how you will get there. A ship cannot get to its destination without the direction from the captain. But when the captain knows where the ship will go almost a hundred time out of a hundred the ship will reach its destination successfully.


Soon passion becomes a purpose.

Purpose outweighs every single obstacle in your life. How is this possible you may ask?

It’s simple when you find your purpose the impossible becomes possible. By doing this you can turn your dreams into reality and have a lasting impact on the world by just following your heart.

What’s your purpose?

Whether it’s Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, or Michael Jordan we all have people we look up to in our life. Everyone is so interested in trying to be someone else, they forget to just be themselves.

Be determined to find the perception, passion, and purpose in your own life and maybe one day someone will be looking up to YOU.